Why use privy counsel?

Privycounsel is the new standard for effective client matter management and communication. Every attorney is required to take precautions beyond traditional email to keep their client's information privileged and secure. Each State Bar has been addressing an attorney’s duties in light of changing technologies for several years. EVERY communication you have with your client is subject to attorney-client privilege. Start your free trial to see how you can transform your practice.

If I register with privycounsel, what is my commitment?

When you register with privycounsel, there is a thirty (30) day free trial. You will not be charged any fees during this period. After the trial period, you will be charged fees in accordance with the subscription plan you sign up for. There is no contract period so you may cancel your subscription at any time. All information on privy counsel can be copied and retrieved by you at any time. You remain in exclusive control of your client information at all times.

Are client matters and other information on privycounsel private?

Yes. We do not review, access or share any information through privycounsel. All information is private and confidential to the attorney and client and is always protected through privycounsel. Please review our privacy policy for further information. Privycounsel is designed to promote and protect the attorney-client privilege created between you and each of your clients.

What happens to my client information if I cancel?

Your client information is yours. When you cancel your subscription with privycounsel, your client information will no longer be available through privycounsel. However, prior to canceling, you may copy and or print all information onto your desired location if you cancel with privycounsel.

Do I have to provide a credit card when I register?

No. We do not require a credit card to register. A credit card will only be requested after the 30 day trial period.

How difficult is it to transition to privycounsel?

It is not difficult at all to implement privycounsel. There is no software to install. Setting up your portal, adding office staff, and adding client matters is extremely easy. We offer support every step of the way so there is no delay in getting started on privycounsel.

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